Wellbeing and Student Management

Xavier College firmly believes that a positive approach to learning, a nurturing environment and quality relationships both in and out of the College improves student performance.

Wellbeing is therefore a major focus at the College and is an integrated process of education and skill building that is:

  • Based on relationships and affirmation
  • Supportive and celebratory
  • Supportive of the Restorative Justice approach

Meet the Deans of House

Our Deans of House are our Wellbeing leaders and are focused on the wellbeing and growth of each individual as well as the welfare of the entire College Community.

Campion House

Dean of House:
Mr Harry Tsahtarlis
Harry Tsahtarlis Assistant Dean of House:
Miss Tanya Angeli
Tanya Angeli


Faber House

Dean of House
Ms Jade Douglas

Assistant Dean of House

Miss Jessica Hanlon



Loyola House

Dean of House
Mr Brent Varga
Brent Varga Assistant Dean of House
Mr Steven Salenga
Steven Salenga


MacKillop House

Dean of House
Mrs Janeen McCrorie
Janeen McCrorie Assistant Dean of House
Mrs Alicia Crawford
Alicia Crawford


McCormack House

Dean of House
Miss Amanda Lee             
Lee-Amanda-2020  Assistant Dean of House
Miss Jodie Borg
Jodie Borg


Tenison House

Dean of House
Ms Kristy Walsh
 Walsh-Kristy-2020 Assistant Dean of House
Miss Emily Rebolledo
Emily Rebolledo