Year 7 Geography Landscapes and Landforms


Year 7 Geography - Landscapes and Landforms



Year 7 students have been involved in a matrix of tasks based on the Four Spheres.

This matrix has numerous tasks whereby the students choose the tasks to complete to get to a total a value of 100 points, ensuring they complete one task for each of the Four Spheres.

Some of the tasks Ellora and Maddison chose were to build fake Instagram posts that showcase elements of the Hydrosphere, and creating a collage to show elements of the Biosphere. They also developed Google Forms to quiz their peers on the Lithosphere, and constructed PEEL paragraphs to explain the impact of the economy on the Atmosphere.

Congratulations to Ellora and Maddison for their outstanding work.

The Four Spheres



The below images were created by two students in 7G - Ellora Zorzo and Maddison Reynolds.