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School Locker Shop

Xavier College has entered into a partnership with The School Locker who retail school uniforms, technology, footwear, stationery, sporting goods and musical instruments. Stationery can be purchased online and delivered to your door, and the College uniform can be purchased online ready to be collected from the College shop.

The School Locker Shop will be open:
Tuesday  8:00am - 12:00pm
Thursday  1:00pm - 4:00pm

The School Locker Online Portal Link:



  • Ear: One stud or standard sleeper (plain silver or gold only) may be worn in each earlobe, for female students only.
  • No jewel/coloured stones etc. to be worn.
  • Other piercings: No visible body piercings are to be evident. Tongue rings/studs
    are strictly prohibited.
  • Keeping a hole open will not be accepted as an excuse. This means that ‘clear’
    studs are NOT to be worn as they are visible.
  • No band aids are to be used to cover piercing.
  • Sleeper (plain silver or gold only) Stud: (plain silver or gold only)

Body Art Tattoos

  • No body art to be visible

Other Jewellery

  • Simple/discreet gold or silver chain around the neck with an appropriate religious
    symbol may be worn.
  • Chains should not be visible in winter
  • One plain ring, wristwatch and gold or silver bracelet may be worn

Removal of Jewellery

  • For safety reasons, all jewellery should be removed for sport or practical subjects. 

Xavier College reserves the right to enforce these uniform guidelines and will make every effort to do so fairly and consistently. Noncompliance with uniform rules will incur serious consequences.



Makeup is not to be worn to school by junior girls. Senior girls are permitted small amounts of natural makeup only. Girls will be asked to remove excessive or visible makeup immediately. Nail polish is not permitted.


Hair is to be kept tidy and off the face. Extremes of fashion are not acceptable. Simple accessories in school colours may be worn. In practical classrooms work health and safety (WHS) regulations require that hair be covered or tied back at all times. Xavier College reserves the right to have a student modify their hair if it does not meet the College standards and expectations.


There are clear rules for school shoes at Xavier College. Shoes must be black, polishable, hard leather, lace-up, closed school shoes. Laces must also be black. Students are not permitted to wear soft leather, casual, sports or skater shoes.

Open or buckle styles are not permitted under Work Health and Safety regulations (WHS) for practical, laboratory and workshop situations, as they pose a significant safety risk. Girls are not to wear open, buckle or casual shoes and boys are not to wear soft casual, jogger or skater styles.

Please refer to the pictured examples before you purchase new shoes for your children. While these examples are by no means exhaustive, they do provide a clear visual understanding of our requirements.
Any questions or problems may be referred to the Assistant Principal or the relevant Homegroup Teacher or Pastoral Learning Coordinator.


Students are only permitted to use the designated College backpack. If they are unable to fit extra equipment, such as sporting gear or clothing into their College backpack, students may bring an extra bag that adheres to plain College colours. Backpacks are available at the College Office.

Contact Us

You can contact Xavier College, Llandilo, by phone on 4777 0900 weekdays, between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm.

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Contact Us

  • You can contact Xavier College, Llandilo, by phone on 4777 0900 weekdays, between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm.

  •  Send us an email
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