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Welcome to Xavier College

Xavier College is a co-educational Catholic high school situated in Llandilo, in Sydney’s outer west. We offer our students state-of-the-art modern facilities, and provide the best of educations in a safe learning environment.

At Xavier College our philosophy is underpinned by the Christian tradition. We ask all students and families to embrace our values that acknowledge the sanctity of creation, respect the dignity of the individual, strive for reconciliation, hope for the future, exercise forgiveness and recognise the value of the community.

Xavier College students are offered an educational experience modelled on the life of St Francis Xavier: exploring ideas and independent thinking, forging lifelong friendships and meeting the challenges of the future with confidence. It is an experience highlighted by caring, understanding, respect and personal achievement.

An educational experience modelled on the life of St Francis, Xavier is like an unfolding story of exploring ideas and independent thinking, forging lifelong friendships and meeting the challenges of the future with confidence. It is also a story with themes of caring, understanding, respect and personal achievement – a story that begins with Xavier College Llandilo.

Important Notice 

Due Year 7 2018 enrolment applications.

Every Learner Every Day - Absences Add Up

Online Ordering from the Canteen is now available.

Android SkoolBag Notice Please visit the Google Play Store and download the latest version of the SkoolBag app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.skoolbag.xcl&hl=en
National Assessment Program

Skoolbag App instructions-

Writing, Naplan & Student Success

Please be aware that as advised in the letter below and in school newsletters throughout 2016, that we are implementing a full BYOD programme in 2017. All students are expected to supply their own device (Windows or Apple laptop) for learning. Please see the BYOD section in Publications and Links.

BYOD 2017 Letter to Parents & Guardians

ACARA Student Background Data Privacy Notice

ACARA Privacy Notice 2017

Whooping Cough Fact Sheet

2018 Enrolment Application  

School Safety and Parking - Message from Penrith City Council

In 2016, Xavier College will be one of the Hub Schools for CAPTIVATE. Please see this brochure for more details. For further information about CAPTIVATE, please watch this Captivate Video.

You can purchase Apple devices at reduced prices at the Apple Parent Purchase Portal

See Publications and Links page for excursion permission notes and policies.



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