House Leadership

Xavier College believes that, when given the opportunity to lead their peers, young people grow in maturity and confidence and develop character.

The College’s House Leadership model is based on service to the community, taking example from the lives of St Ignatius Loyola and the Josephite Sisters. The following students are our House Captains for 2019 and we know that they will continue to lead their school with dignity, pride and respect.

Meet the House Captains

Campion House

Lara Manning Lara Manning Matthew Mallows Matthew Mallows


Faber House

Sundance Fuller Sundance Fuller Dylan Barlow Dylan Barlow


Loyola House

Paris McIlwrath Paris McIlwrath8 Cody Goburg Cody Goburg


MacKillop House

Cairon Gleeson Cairon Gleeson Sophia Seymour Sophia Seymour


McCormack House

Rosa Pronesti Rosa Pronesti8 Hayden Wright Hayden Wright


Tenison House

Drew Stahlhut Drew Stahlhut Joshua Ceniccola Joshua Ceniccola